10 style tips to use black in your outfits

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Black is a color that alone speaks of a classic and elegant style; it is always in fashion and suitable for any occasion. It doesn’t matter how many times designers have declared that neutral colors like beige, gray, blue or white are “the new blacks.”

Regardless of the season or time of year, we return to this tone again and again. But you have to know how to wear it, because contrary to what we know or have been told, this tone is not so easy to use and not everyone should wear it.

Here I will leave you some ideas that will help you wear 100% black.
1. Accents and accessories

The accessories colorful leave much room for creativity and make your black garment look truly spectacular. With a monochrome background, a soft colored bag, a hat or bright colored shoes will look fabulous.

2. Wear slightly loose clothing

Black makes you look slimmer and it’s not an urban legend. But, if you want to look skinnier, you wear black fitted things, it will mercilessly highlight everything you want to hide. A black dress, pants and jacket look much better if they are a little looser.

3. Play with the texture

Black looks incredibly fabulous when you manage to combine garments of different textures. They can be cottoning pants and a silk blouse. You can also opt for a leather pencil skirt, a top and a sweater made of good wool. The ‘total black’ look is excellently complemented by patent leather; a bag or some shoes in this material and you will look spectacular!

4. Black and white combination

There is a great way to dress in such a way that you can attract a lot of looks without spending hours thinking about how to combine colors Just use black and white; If there are quality fabrics in your wardrobe that look good on you, you are basically already a queen.

5. Graphic silhouette and asymmetry

Black is the best color to create a streamlined silhouette. You can opt for an asymmetrical or geometric style, marking the parts of your body that you are most interested in highlighting. It is always important to highlight the shoulders, bust, hips and legs, following the body lines with the garments in a natural way.

6. Requires perfection in everything

This is the main rule; black highlights a poorly done hairstyle, a poorly made-up face or lack of sleep. If you got a pimple or you didn’t have time to wash your hair, better choose some other color.
7. Accentuates the eyes and mouth

In makeup it is important to highlight the eyes likered lipstick, together they are an excellent idea. You can also go for a natural day-to-day makeup, with just a little blush, shine, and mascara. This color can add age if you are not well groomed or makeup.

8. Light up your face

Black suits everyone but it always has to be used correctly. Some women with fair skin, blonde or reddish hair, with freckles and moles, by putting this tone near their face, will look pale, with dark circles and they will look tired. To avoid this color effect, I recommend wearing a garment or accessory in your star tone. opt for the accessories that are closest to your features, such as a blouse, a scarf, a necklace or a brooch.

9. Neckline at the back

Why on the back? Do not ask. It just looks incredibly beautiful and there is no better way to look gorgeous, stylish and fashionable. It is ideal for summer days, no matter the time, enjoy the chicest moments with your look.

10. Complement your look with the right accessories

The nobility and depth of black are highlighted with leather belts and bags, metallic elements, accessories made of colored stones, gold or simply yellow jewelry.
A color that should not be missing in our wardrobe and that you have surely used more than once. It’s time to follow these tips to get creative and enjoy the charms of the color black! to look like a whole fashionista.

I hope you have found inspiration in these tips that I shared with you and do not forget to follow my next post.


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