30 designs to achieve a manicure with a natural effect

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I know how complicated it can be to choose a design among thousands; so in this post you will find the trending designs that give a natural impression.

Taking care of our image goes beyond a work aspect; Taking care of ourselves and pampering ourselves with these details gives us a unique feeling that we should not miss.

The world of nail art has become increasingly simple and giving the appearance of a natural look; length being also an important factor . Today we find more and more the short ones reinventing all the classics with a minimalist style.

Did you know that the first manicure was done 4,000 years ago? It is impressive and clear the glamor has not been lost but has been reinvented, so join me to see the following designs.


We are talking about new designs since this one has gone through another decade; If you remember this style, we only found it with the typical white color in the shape of a straight nail. But in 2020 it surprises us with more colors and brightness; ideal to be used with the almond shape or short nails.

Baby boomer

Without a doubt, it has become a boom preferred by many.  The perfect gradient is in white, which makes it look natural as it forms until it reaches the nude color at the root of the nail.


If you are one of those who like shiny, you will definitely love this style!  It shines during the day and its iridescent colors shine and at night at the party it does not allow to be overshadowed by anything because its shine is beautiful and it shows off a simple style without being overwhelming.


simple proposal that will give structure to your nails, here customization will be the key. Geometry has gained strength in recent seasons, which makes these designs a success when it comes to wearing it. Minimalism will be the key to this type of design.


If matte suits you better, let me tell you that choosing a single shade is better for a natural manicure. With this effect, your nails will show your hands on their own with classic designs where the limit is set by you and your imagination.


Shades of this type are ideal for the whole year; bet on this design where you will achieve natural manicure in soft ranges of your favorite colors. You will wear beautiful designs of your nail; You can choose to wear them in a different color, in one or in combination; But very discreet! The most used shapes are rectangular and almond nails.


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