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There are already a few weeks before the cold returns to make an appearance and bring autumn with it; After spending a summer unnoticed shopping in online stores, it seems that this season we will be able to renew our wardrobe and enjoy going to physical stores. We hope so!

Stay ahead of the trends this fall and get inspired by the best looks I have for you; say goodbye to the clothes that will no longer be worn this season. Earth tones take over autumn again

2020; in addition to rescuing fashion from the 80’s with leather-effect accessories and shoulder pads.

In looks from the 90’s with flared pants and intense colors like red and hope green; Don’t say goodbye to visible underwear, fringes and the cut-out trend yet because they will be part of your wardrobe for this season. To which will be added more trends that you probably already used in summer but will now be worn differently. If you are looking for a comfortable look, with a lot of character and style, these basic garments will not be missing.

I have compiled a gallery of garments so that you are the first to know what is coming and you can use them this season to achieve an incredible fall look.

1. Faux leather blazer

Blazers have become the favorite garment of many since it is classic, timeless and gives a complete twist to what you wear.  The favorite style of the street is colored black, but you can find in other tones. Bet on this trend that promises to be the star garment of autumn 2020!

2. Pleated skirt

They are the safe bet that will not go out of style; straight, asymmetric cut, silk, corduroy, velvet, with glitter or prints. But especially the leather effect ones will be the favorites.  They are essential in every fashion wardrobe, and they have almost become a basic.Here I will leave you incredible outfits that you can recreate!

3. Knitted vest

The most beautiful, practical, ladylike and preppy knitting trend . Do you know the layering concept? It consists of superimposing garments and also accessories. The vest is a key piece to practice it this season; In addition, they have the ability to adapt to other styles and create sophisticated and elegant looks without so much effort. The street style bets on plain colored models in neutral tones because they are easy to combine, but you can also find them in its infinity of versions; zipped, printed, plush, with pocket, corduroy or with belt.

4. Cardigan

A trend that we have already seen in the past season and they have stayed this fall yay! We cannot be happier, and a cardigan is the perfect garment that achieves looks between comfort and elegance. Whether ribbed, with a round or V-neck, with or without buttons, with long or short sleeves. Sorry for your turtleneck sweater, this season they will be used but it will not be a must!

5. The classic trench

Another autumn, the trench coats and trench coats are once again the protagonists; they have a variety of cuts, colors and textiles. It is an essential garment in our wardrobe and without a doubt it can perfectly complement any formal or informal look. They are classic, timeless and versatile; The ones that will set the trend this season will be in ocher, toasted and earth tones.

6. Wide jeans, very wide!

The flared pants announced their big comeback, thus becoming the unexpected hit of the season. Definitely the 80’s are back and you will not only see them in jeans but also in pants; however, the “elephant legs” c or nvivirán reappearing with another style; straight pants. Are you wide hips? They tend to flatter most silhouettes, but are particularly an excellent option for balancing a pear or triangle body; since with the bell bass it is possible to divert attention from this area. You can put together countless outfits with them.

7. Satin dresses

In addition to dresses with floral, vichy and leather effect prints; The satins that we have already seen throughout the summer will continue in trend this fall but now they will be combined with other garments such as blazers, long-sleeved blouses and high neck. You can also change the heels for boots or ankle boots to feel more comfortable. Add accessories that stand out to your outfit and you will go from a casual style to an elegant one.

Start your Wishlist now! And although it is difficult to be updating our wardrobe according to new trends, choose the ones that best suit you and your personality.  Get inspired and create incredible outfits.


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