5 tricks to hold your heels

Nobody told you that going ideal was an easy task, we all love the slim figure that makes us a good heel, but many times wearing them becomes an ordeal. Who has not carried the mythical bag with flat shoe for later? Do not deny it … surely you too!

If you like heels so much that, whatever happens, you are going to keep wearing them, in this post  you will discover  5 simple tricks  so you can last all night. 

1. Time to choose a shoe

The perfect heel does not exist, but you should try to find the one that best suits your needs. To do this, go buy your shoes in the middle of the afternoon, when your feet have already gotten used to the day. The best decision you can make is to choose a wide heel with a high platform .

2. Like a glove

If you notice that the shoe is tightening you can put on a sock and apply heat with a dryer, you will be able to give the material itself and it will fit perfectly to the foot.

3. Use duct tape

I joined with adhesive tape the third and fourth finger of the foot to reduce pressure on the nerve and to dance all night!

4. Silicone insoles

To make the tread on a much more comfortable surface, use silicone insoles, they can be for the entire surface or, only, for the toe.

5. Vaseline to soften

Apply petroleum jelly on your shoe stiffer parts, get soften the material and prevent do not leave scratches.

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