6 perfect hairstyles for this summer

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Summer is coming and we all want to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. With the heat, the hair can be somewhat distressing and it may be that in the middle of the evening you end up picking it up in any way so that it does not bother you, so today we bring you 7 ideas of perfect hairstyles for this summer, to leave the house already prepared and flawless.

1. Tousled high bun

One of the most comfortable and easy options to do, you simply have to gather the hair in a high bun, and then gradually loosen strands from the front of the hair to create a carefree and casual look.

2. Boxer braids

Boxer-style braids are a perfect idea for the summer, as they will clear your hair from your face and also feel great. Here is a video where the influencer Patricia Lopman shows us how to get this hairstyle.

3. Two bows

You can also collect your hair in two high bows, it is very simple, you just have to divide your hair into two parts, marking the part in the middle, and collect each of them in a bow on the top of the head. Even the Kardashian sisters have joined in on this comfortable hairstyle!

4. Handkerchief

It is a trend this summer to use a scarf to decorate your hair. There are a thousand ways to place it to achieve an ideal and comfortable look.

5. Half ponytail

For those who love to wear hair, a good idea would be to collect our hair in a half ponytail, thus leaving part collected and part loose. You will have the front part clear to avoid heat but you can continue to wear your hair outdoors.

6. Ponytail

And finally, a classic: the ponytail. You simply have to collect all your hair in a very high ponytail. This hairstyle never goes out of style because in addition to being very comfortable with the arrival of heat, it looks phenomenal.

I hope this post has helped and inspired you, and try each of the hairstyles now that the heat is coming. You will get to be beautiful, comfortable and fresh at the same time. If you liked it and want to continue reading content of this type, remember to visit our Facebook page to be aware of everything.


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