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What kind of bag is your basic for any occasion?I have always thought that it is difficult to have only one basic, I consider that all women should have at least four styles of bags in our wardrobe that will never fail us. The others that we buy will already be by trend, to renew or simply for pleasure.

If there is something that obsesses me, it is having different bags, but sometimes I try to control myself because it is not so versatile, combinable or useful to use it several times, on the contrary, it remains stored to never leave. It is good to identify the style of accessories  that can be more practical and that will serve as  a wardrobe background   for different clothes and occasions.

That is why in today’s post I have made a This collection is perfect if you are looking for a bag that will help you create your closet with the best selections without sacrificing fashion or style, and with which you will have different options to combine on any day or event.

Let’s see them!

1. Portfolio

Also known as a clutch because it can be folded in half. It will bring a lot of style and comfort to your look. The handbags can be found with hand-embroidered details and applications; they are perfect for a casual day. The favorite selection of this style for many women is to wear it to a gala evening party. Remember to use the correct materials for the occasion.

Big bag

I have always been one of those people looking for XXL bags or also known as tote. They have a rectangular design and enough space that you will never leave anything at home. They have a double handle and a button with a closure; compartments are essential for these types of bags. I recommend you at least have one in a basic color like black or brown.


A very practical small bag for everyday use. The main characteristic is that it is crossed from the shoulder with a handle all over the torso. If you are a woman who leaves her home with only the essentials and without overloading it, this design is ideal for you! It is a basic for your wardrobe and you decide how informal or elegant you want it to be when combining it with your look.

Back pack

It reached the catwalks thanks to the inspiration taken from school bags, transforming them into a fashion trend. They are practical, easy to carry, very comfortable and perfect for you to take wherever you want! There are thousands of designs but the minimalist and modern ones are the ones that have received the most reactions on social networks. What do you think?

I hope you liked these wallet options that you can combine with absolutely everything. Hopefully they help you choose wisely next time you go shopping. Take off your bag! and find that it works for everything.

Keep reading me to find out about the clothes and accessories that cannot be missing from your closet.


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