Best Clothing Colors For Your Skin Tone

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Every person has gone through dissatisfaction after trying out a variety of clothes from their closet. Do you ever wonder why this happens? Why don’t our clothes give off the vibes we desire?

According to the study by Dr. Reiner Sprengelmeyer from the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, it is proved that complexion is a foundation for the aesthetics of clothing color.

So, choosing clothes according to your skin tone rather than fashion trends should be the go. This will enhance your skin tone and make you the center of attention without much makeup or effort. All this with just the right clothing color pick.

How To Choose The Best Clothing Colors For Your Skin Tone

1.    Identify Your Skin Tone:

You can’t choose the perfect clothing color for yourself unless you know your skin tone, which most people don’t. The surface color does not determine your skin tone. The undertones of your skin determine it.

The surface color of the skin can change due to sunburn, acne, or any other conditions. Most people confuse these two. There are multiple ways to determine whether you have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone.

  • Test with white paper. Place it next to your neck and determine which color seems the closest. If you notice blue or pink, you have a cool skin tone, and if you notice greenish or yellow color compared to the paper, you have a warm skin tone. If you cannot determine which one it is, you’re most likely to have a neutral skin tone.
  • Maybe you feel too lazy to try the paper test, just hold out your wrist and try to look at the veins popping up. If they’re blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If they’re green, you have a warm skin tone. And if they’re a mixture of both or hard to determine, you have a neutral skin tone.
  • If both of these methods seem hard for you to determine your skin type, you can go to the makeup store and try all three skin tone foundation colors: neutral, cool, and warm. Whichever color seems to blend the best with your skin, that’s your skin tone.

2.    Clothing Colors For Warm Skin Tone:

If you belong in this category, consider yourself lucky because most colors go along pretty well with your complexion. Try brighter or darker colors. This avoids the cloth color blending in with your yellow/orange skin complexion. You have many options in brighter and darker colors, rich red colors, green, golden, and peach colors are some of the best choices for warm skin tones. Any natural warm color will always be the best pick for you. In the end, you can slay almost all the colors with a warm skin tone.


3.    Clothing Colors For Cool Skin Tone:

All the colors in the cool range of the color spectrum would be the best pick. All the blues, purples, and greens belong in this. The best options for you are cool blues, lavender, and pink. Darker colors like navy green, brown, and gray would go well. Avoid colors like black, yellow, or orange, or else you’ll look pale and washed out.

4.    Clothing Colors For Neutral Skin Tone:

Try wearing vibrant, softer colors. Mint, dusty pink, jade green, or lagoon blue are the perfect shades for a neutral skin complexion. These colors are not overpowering either. Neutral skin tone can also go with neutral colors. That means off-white, gray, coffee, cream, and black colors are great picks for you. Avoid bright colors like yellow, neon pink, red and navy blue, etc. These colors won’t contrast clearly with your skin tone, making them a bad pick.

5.    Clothing Colors For All Skin Tones:

Some colors can go well with any skin tone, especially after accessories. One of them is white. If worn with different colored accessories, this color can be a good clothing color. No matter what skin complexion, blush pink can also brighten up any skin, no matter what the undertone is. Eggplant is another good choice, especially if you are in the mood for dark colors. Another color is teal, and it’s not too bright or soft. These colors are a lifesaver if you want to pick out something new and different.

6.    Set Up Wardrobe:

You’re finally aware of what colors will go best with your skin tone. You can start gradually buying clothes in the colors that suit you. This will help you choose the clothes without having to worry much. Start setting up your wardrobe, have most of the clothes that go along with your skin tone. This doesn’t mean throwing away all the other clothing colors. If you feel like you look good in it, wear it.


Sadly, many people aren’t aware of this topic. They don’t know about their skin tone or the connection between skin tone and fashion. But now you do. You can avoid looking dull and can pick the best clothes every time you open your wardrobe.

No more dissatisfaction each time you get ready. You know skin tone plays a huge part in good looks. It can help you dress better. There are many colors to choose from, making your choice worth it.

In the end, confidence is the key. No matter what you wear, if you’re not confident about it, you’re not going to stand out in the crowd. So, make sure that no matter what the clothing color, you are confident in what you wore. Confidence itself is a huge boost to your personality.



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