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Since the beginning of time, white has represented elegance, formality, purity, light and cleanliness.

A couple of years ago it became fashionable to wear the complete outfit in this color combining with other tones or patterns. In addition, minimal touches were added to accessories, bags or shoes. Some women say that white makes them look more voluminous, but the reality is that if you dress in a light color, you will give much more light to your image and your face. This fashion of the complete outfit or total look has become fabulous and above all it is ideal for the hot days that are to come. This is how in this post, I will help you add clothes in this color range to your wardrobe, do you dare to try it?

Pants and top

Pair your favorite white linen, blanket, denim, or cotton spandex pants with your blouse. You can create different styles according to your personality, from a fresh look with lace or ruffled sleeves. So that you do not fall behind with the trend of pants, look for those with a flared design on the legs.


The purest meaning of freshness and comfort you will find in one of the most romantic garments of the season. A white dress combined with ruffles, bows, sheer fabrics or lace; It will never go out of style! You can use it again and again, combining it with the chicest accessories of the season.


The ideal jumpsuit to feel comfortable, fresh and fashionable. They have never hit so hard as now, and it’s your chance to show off your beautiful figure in a heat-resistant garment. You can wear it long to the floor or midi; and if you are of a contemporary style, I invite you to use the flared low part.

Trust the white color, it will make you look confident and elegant at any time of the day with your casual outfits. Don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations within the same range.

I wait for you in my following contents to help you create new combinations that will make you feel beautiful, safe with yourself and in trend. See you!


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