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The classic white dress can never be missing in our wardrobe, this essential, fresh and comfortable piece is very easy to combine and is always reinvented. During the summer days, the casual style becomes a trend and this color predominates among the most beautiful and sought-after models. Here are some ideas for you to find the ideal casual white dress for you.

Every year we find more options, from fluid designs with lace or embroidery to super minimalist and simple models. If you want to know which piece you should have for this season, take a look at the following white casual dresses.

Boho style white dress

The boho or bohemian style predominates in summer, it is characterized by being relaxed and a bit romantic, you can find a wide variety of models and accompany them with various accessories. The long trend for this style is the midi (or medium). Lace, fringes and embroidery look great in white dresses, so take this option into account when choosing your next casual style dress.

White mini flowing dress

Mini dresses are key pieces in our wardrobe. These models generally feature a semi-fitted silhouette and straight cuts that reach mid-thigh. There is a great variety, you can find fluid mini white dresses (or baggy) with long, three-quarter sleeves or without them. It is probably the most common style during the summer because it combines with everything, provides a lot of freshness and comfort. If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting to bring it to your closet?

Loose maxi style white dress

This type of casual style white dress is beautiful, the maxi (or elongated) is characterized by being super light and, with this color they can highlight the natural elegance without any problem. Models typically feature a loose, wide silhouette, with a length that skims the floor or reaches down to the ankles. If you know how to combine it, you can use a loose maxi white dress even in fall or another time of year.

Casual style white dress with print

White dresses are perfect to achieve a youthful and uncomplicated look. And, if we add a print, we can bring much more joy to the outfit. Here the length (maxi, midi or mini), the sleeves or the silhouette does not matter; but it does have a nice and subtle print. Flowers, stripes, and geometric shapes look great on casual white dresses. So, go ahead! Try this style and enjoy combining with other accessories such as bags, belts and shoes.

Asymmetric cut white dress

Asymmetrical cut dresses have gained a lot of popularity. Due to their ability to add a sophisticated touch to any look, they have become the darlings of women looking for a more refined casual style. You can wear a white symmetrical dress to an outing with friends or another social event. Something as simple as a bare shoulder or a small slit at the bottom will be the key to achieving a wonderful look.

White shirt-style dress

Now we move to a more urban and relaxed casual style, white shirt-style dresses have gradually made their way into the fashion industry. As its name implies, this design emulates the classic structure of the men’s shirt in terms of the collar, sleeves and series of buttons on the front.

A very risky and daring bet, this white shirt-style dress is straight, one-piece with a simple cut. You can wear it open or buttoned, or add a ribbon as a belt. Thanks to its silhouette (which fits most women well), it turns out to be very flattering.

White tunic style dress

The white tunic or satchel type dress is ideal for going to the beach or visiting a park, that is, to go out on any sunny summer day. This straight and short model is dropped without marking shapes (or curves) and its length can vary, some designs reach the knees while others reach the ankles. Although it is a versatile and simple cut, they work perfectly on any body type.

A-line style white dress

If you want a romantic touch or a princess-like look in a mini, you will need a white A-line dress. These models have a clear triangular structure, widening at the hips (or from the bust) and presenting a loose or encompassed (or A) appearance to the shape of the dress. A simple and beautiful design, ideal for recreating a casual daytime look with a touch of elegance.

How to combine a white dress in a casual style?

White dresses are a canvas, you can combine them in many different ways and accompany them with various accessories. The type of sleeve, the length and the silhouette will be key when choosing the bag, the shoes, the belt (to wear it, or not to wear it?) And other accessories. For a mini white dress, we recommend metallic sandals and a bright colored bag.

You can accompany any white casual style dress with a denim jacket, some bracelets, and a pair of moderate-heeled shoes. Black or beige hats are also a good option, especially in the summer. From mini bags to maxi, elegant or simple, you can choose the one you like the most and consider suitable for your look. Do not be afraid! Take a chance and try. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you like what you are wearing.

The casual style is cool and comfortable, but not boring. Some ruffles or a bit of lace can be the key to bring your white dress to the ideal. The length, the sleeves and the silhouette are elements that you can play with and vary until you find a combination that you like. Try different looks, see which one suits your figure and show off on every occasion with your casual white dress.


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