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Chukka Boots are simple but very versatile and look good with almost any look that you propose. This type of footwear has been a sartorial element for decades.

However, despite being a basic in terms of classic men’s footwear, there are many doubts about Chukka Boots. Today I am going to try to help you know some of the best brands and solve your most frequent questions, so that you feel comfortable with your Chukka Boots and use them often.

Origin of Chukka Boots

Before showing you some of the best brands of this classic men’s footwear, I want to tell you a little about its beginnings.

Although it is not known for sure, it is believed that the name of these boots originated from British polo players who lived in Colonial India. A chukka or chukker is each of the seven-minute periods into which a polo match is divided.

But, although it seems that its name comes from there, it is not entirely clear, if the boot looks like the ones that the players used

during a game, or if it is because of the shoes they used off the field.

The good thing about Chukka Boots is that they can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and materials to be able to combine them to suit everyone.

Chukka Boots Features

The main features of these boots are very simple. It is a style of lace-up ankle boots, which reach the ankle and have a buttonhole with two or three laces. As a general rule, they were traditionally made with suede or calfskin and the quarters were sewn over the top.

These footwears are currently more versatile than the original and have been styled to adapt to the times. Today you can choose Chukka boots or to combine with a business suit or with a casual style.

Boots are made in different varieties of leather and fabrics. You can see them made with synthetic fabrics, canvas, suede, and even with imitations of leather or exotic skins.

It is very important to observe the size of the sole. The thinner it is, the thinner the boot.

As for the colors, I have already told you that you can currently find an infinity of shades. But, if you want to get it right, the boots should preferably be brown. What’s more, if they are dark brown suede, all the better.

Now, I’m going to give you a few examples of boots that can come in handy.


The Forge Stride model is a classic Chukka ankle boot and a good casual style option. Ideal to show off a minimalist look.


Some lace-up ankle boots, made with leather, which have a price of 149.95 euros. Very elegant and comfortable


The brand is committed to valor leather in a walnut color. Some ankle boots to combine with casual looks.


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