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I confess something? I was a compulsive shopper. Whenever I went to a mall it was impossible for me to go out empty-handed, my phrase was: “I need it” even if it was not the case. And usually those things that I thought I needed I used once or twice, because fast fashion automatically attracted my gaze, but it lasted very little or had similar clothes with unused labels.

I have started to make changes in my life, and today I am sure that we must always invest in quality and think about a wardrobe fund that helps us to combine and have our own style. These basics become necessary since they will allow us to have versatility in the wardrobe; without sacrificing fashion. Did you know that women only wear 30% of all the clothes we have?

In this post I will give you a list of garments that are a basic in your closet, and that you should see as an investment. I will teach you to choose the correct garments, so that you become a smart shopper; you will consciously select your garments always respecting good quality.

Choose the one that best suits your style!

– Black and colored dress

You have to have at least one black dress in your closet; also called “LBD” for its acronym in English Little Black Dress. And also choose to have one in a solid color and that best suits your body type.  They will become a wild card to get you out of trouble on the days that you do not know what to wear for a formal or casual occasion. Play a lot with accessories and give it a different look by adding different shoes or bags. You can also use a large bag or a backpack; hat or a nice scarf.

White shirt and printed blouse

This garment is a basic that will be used to combine with all kinds of skirts or pants. Look for the one with the highest percentage of cotton and less polyester; your skin, the planet and your personal image will thank you. You can play with different styles of sleeves, collars, buttons or lengths. You’ll love it!

Dress pants and jeans

You need to have a pair of dress pants and denim jeansthe fabric will reveal the quality, its softness and elasticity. In the case of denim, I will give you a tip that will make it easier to differentiate between high, medium or low quality: the rougher the fabric, the less cotton it has. If it stretches a lot, it is very mixed with elastane and the lighter it is, do not buy it! The dress pants are looking for you to fall in your body and that you can combine them with your blouses. Avoid shiny or overly textured fabrics.

Blazer, cardigan and trench coat

There are three types of star accessories that are different from each other, but that you should always have in your closet. You can combine them with your favorite dress, tailored pants, the jeans that you like so much or even with a short. They will serve you for different occasions from casual to formal. And they are versatile and timeless pieces that will serve as a wild card because they will never go out of style choosing the perfect colors and cuts.


One of good quality and a correct length; He can always accompany you with the correct shoes and bag. There are some styles that will never go out of style, I will show you a selection of different types that should become a wardrobe staple. Choose the style, pattern and color that best suits you and I promise you that a good quality one will never disappoint you.


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