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Cocktail dresses are perfect for events or parties that require a certain etiquette, as well as the color red, since they can be worn both day and night and achieve a very elegant and refined look. If you want to wear a beautiful red cocktail dress and you don’t know which one suits you best, you’ve come to the right place. Here we bring you the best models and some tips to make your outfit look perfect.

Although the short of all red cocktail dresses is knee length or below it, there are thousands of options to choose from. So that you do not confuse them with the informal party dresses, check out the sophisticated and a little romantic design that we leave you below.

Red cocktail dresses, simple cut

We will start with the classic red cocktail dresses with a simple cut, this simple and elegant model consists of a single piece that is smooth and cinched at the waist. It has small pleats at the bottom, sleeves (long or short) that do not usually have any type of striking detail and a neckline without much pronunciation. Ideal for outdoor events and formal gatherings with friends.

Bodycon Red Cocktail Dress

This simple model allows to enhance curves and stylize the figure in a sophisticated and refined way. Although, it is a tight piece, mainly, on the chest and waist. But that, unlike the simple cut dress, is also a little tight at the bottom. The elegant touch is achieved thanks to the pencil-like skirt that ends in a cut just below the knee.

Red cocktail dress with tulle skirt

Now we move on to a more attractive model. The red cocktail dress with tulle skirt features a more romantic and elegant design. The lower part, as its name implies, consists of a voluminous and striking tulle skirt (ballerina type) that starts from the waist or just below the bust to the middle of the calf or just below the knee. Produces a super dreamy and delicate effect.

Normally, the top is very tight to create and emphasize the contrast between both parts. The sleeves can be long, mid-length, short or thin. Without a doubt, this is a model that seeks to highlight femininity and beauty. Don’t you think this style in red is beautiful?

Red cocktail dresses with lace

Lace is a really beautiful detail that red cocktail dresses usually have, either in some specific places or completely covering the entire piece, this element adds a romantic and dreamy effect to the garment. Any model that we have mentioned so far (simple cut, fitted or with a tulle skirt) can be drastically changed by adding a little lace.

For a more delicate and elegant look, choose a dress with red lace on the back or sleeves. If it comes out and highlights the contrast with the fabric below, much better. Also, we recommend tight dresses that are completely covered in red lace on top. This beautiful detail will make you look more relaxed without losing finesse or elegance.

Red cocktail dresses with bows

Another wonderful detail that you can find in red cocktail dresses are the bows. Some models (especially those for low-breasted women) come with a thick fringe that runs just over the chest and back. In addition, they generate an attractive, mischievous and refined appearance.

If you want to get the most out of this style, we advise you to combine it with a little lace. How about a red cocktail dress with lace and bows? Yes, it is very possible to find these models and the best of all is that they look fantastic.

Red cocktail dress with rhinestones

If you want a little more sparkle for your outfit, then you will need a red cocktail dress with rhinestones. This detail is usually very subtle and moderate, usually found on the edges of the neckline (bust or back), as a belt or on the sleeves. Dresses with a tulle skirt and rhinestones on top are very popular, as they multiply the dreamy and delicate effect.

Tips for choosing the ideal red cocktail dress

What should the ideal cocktail dress have? As we mentioned earlier, knee length or below it is very important. In addition, these models usually have some special detail (a tulle skirt, lace, rhinestones or embroidery) and a moderate neckline at the bust or at the back to make them look elegant but without being exaggerated.

Details to accompany a red cocktail dress

Obviously, the cocktail dress is not the only piece that is part of the look. Any outfit must be accompanied by the correct accessories and shoes. For this reason, here are some ideas to accompany your dress.

– Shoes: medium or high heels, a pair of black or metallic (silver or gold) shoes are the appropriate option. Do not lose the attention to the dress.
– Wallet or bag: choose a small bag, one of those that you can easily carry on your arm, don’t go for very strong or flashy colors. opt for a more sober one like black, champagne, beige, brown or metallic tones.
– Jeweler or costume jeweler: they will depend on the occasion, for the night look for something more discreet and for the day something that attracts more attention. The bracelets, earrings or necklaces should be of a size that you feel comfortable with and that matches the clothing. In the case of cocktail dresses with beading or lace, less is more, do not overload the outfit with so many accessories.

Without a doubt, the best accessory for your outfit is safety, so never wear something you don’t like or that makes you uncomfortable. Find the perfect red cocktail dress for you and show off on any occasion.


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