Combine long skirts with boots: a trend that comes from the catwalk

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Long skirts are sweeping the influencers and the truth is that they are also an ideal option for the coldest days of the year, even more so if we add boots to this trend. Fashion experts say that the longer they are, the more beautiful this shoe looks. So, go ahead, take them out and see what you can combine them with.  You will be super warm!

For some people, long skirts are meaning or often related to the hippie. For others it may be overly formal; but for those who master its use: long skirts are an essential garment! Even a basic that cannot be missing in your closet.

You may not have been convinced by this trend yet as it might intimidate you a bit; but There are a variety of designs, colors and textiles, so surely some of its versions can be adapted to your style. Enjoy those extra centimeters that it visually adds to our anatomy!

In this post I have super winning proposals for you to create outfits with boots and skirts. Take note!

  1. Blazers and blazer

For an outfit that is full of character and personality, choose to pair this trend with a blazer or a blazer. Oversize will not be very favorable here; opt for those that are your size or add those that are a little longer. Complete your outfit with a belt over your blazer and a crossbody bag.

  1. Jersey 

Who’d say! Well that’s how fashion is, it gives us amazing surprises how it is. Combine a midi or maxi skirt with your favorite sweater and high boots to elevate your outfit and not just in height! You will look beautiful with this relaxed and very comfortable look.

  1. Long coat

Long skirts that peek out from under the coat! Believe it or not, it is one of the favorite street style outfits. Try not to combine more than 3 colors in a style, if you use this recommendation and excellent proposal you will look elegant and combined and the best thing is that you will protect yourself from the cold!

  1. Jacket 

Do you want a more rebellious touch? I love this rocker look ideal for winter; Combined with a black leather-effect jacket and finished with a matching bag and sunglasses.

Now you are one step ahead of this trend, get the most out of it! With these proposals and integrate new outfits for this fall – winter 2020. Remember to take the trends that best suit you and your style, get inspired and create incredible outfits!

I hope you liked this trend alert, share it with fashionista friends and on your favorite social networks. Thanks for reading!


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