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We are having to live a strange time: confinement, teleworking, etc. And not only are we adapting, but fashion is also changing, trying to facilitate this situation as much as possible. If we look closely, many stores have begun to take out collections of comfy clothing, that is, comfortable clothing, to be comfortable while teleworking at home but without losing style.

1. Tracksuit

Practically now we can find this garment in all stores and in all possible ways. There are monism’s and they are a good option to spend the day at home and wear a cool look at the same time.

2. Sportswear

Sportswear is also a trend, especially in pastel or nudes’ tones. Leggings, tops, jackets … that provide maximum comfort. You can use it to play sports or simply to be at home since they are elastic garments that mold to your body and provide a feeling of wellbeing.

3. Clothes “comfy” or to be at home

And finally, a new concept that has entered stores and is not planning to leave: comfy clothingIt is about clothes to be at home but something more arranged and chicer. Above all, they are knitwear or soft or vaporous materials.


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