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Candy or Trick” The costume season is back and it’s time to let your imagination run wild to create an enviable outfit, inspired by the many ideas you have in mind.

Halloween was created for horror and dread; but today we can enjoy this day to impersonate other people and have fun to the fullest. Here are some with which you can be inspired for the next parties:

1.Disfraz in couple

Perfect to create a costume and complement it with another person and create a fun atmosphere. Usually wearing a couple costume is necessary to be very well synchronized so that the theme takes full advantage.


Perfect to show the super-love you have for each other. You should consider whether both people want to be superheroes or there is the option that one can be the good guy and the other the bad guy.

Catron and Catrina

This is a typical costume for this occasion, but it is also an idea that is very flexible and that lets your imagination fly since it is not an absolute structure, because you can adapt it to your tastes. Usually this type of costume has 100% makeup on the face and you complement it with an outfit of your choice.


The perfect complement to each other’s costume. This type of costume is very practical since you do not need the other party 100% to understand the theme, but when the two are together they create an atmosphere of fun. They can be any profession of your choice.

2. Group costume

Perfect for organizing with friends or family and dressing up in a group to show a fun theme and complement each other together to achieve the amazement of all.

TV shows.

When you were little, did you ever want to be and dress like the star of your favorite show? Now is the time to be able to do it in the company of your friends, to be able to represent your favorite characters in the best way.


If you still cannot agree on the theme of the costume, the option to do so on an element of common use in daily life. It is the best idea since it is a fun and easy way to capture the close relationship they have in the group.


This type of costume is an original theme and a bit abstract, since in this idea you will create your own style of extraterrestrial that will be fun for everyone and they will be the envy.

3. Individual costume

For Halloween, the time to dress up is the most fun and if you are one of the people who prefer a costume for yourself. These are some ideas that will make you look radiant and you will be the envy of all.


Paying tribute to your favorite singer, this is the best option to do it. It is recommended that the singer you choose, adapt his clothing to your body and your skin tone, in order to stand out among all the costumes.


If as a child your dream was to be a princess, it is time to make it come true. You will be able to dress up like a fairy tale, without having to have your prince charming by your side; Since to look radiant you only need you and your personality.

Inspired by movies

From screen to reality. Inspired by your favorite movies, this is the option to be able to look stunning as one of your.


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