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We women love bags! Big, small, colorful or more elegant, they help us to give life to our look, in addition to being feminine and attractive and the key piece to carry our things everywhere.

However, not all of us can have all the bags we want, and for this, the key is to choose those that help us create more and better looks and that serve us for different occasions. Do not miss these fashionable bags that we present below!

1. Handbag
“Everyday tote bag” is a universal bag, without a doubt. You can take it both to the office and to the park. You can leave everything you need inside. Today, the daily bag is designed by practically all brands, and there is a wide variety of models and styles. The daily bag is carried in the hand or also on the shoulder. It goes very well with any classic and feminine look. You have them from the most classic models in neutral tones to the most modern designs with striking prints.

2. Shoulder bag

The messenger bag is another name for this bag. All small and medium bags that hang from the shoulder with a long strap fall into this category. For example, this bag is often used for walking and exploring the city. That’s why it shouldn’t be big. You can put all the little things you need, like a mobile phone, keys, etc. It goes well with practically any look: with classic jeans and pants, or also with a dress, skirt and blouse. Quilted-effect crossbody bags have become a classic black and white combination.

3. Shopping
bag the shopper bag is a rectangular bag made of soft leather (or leather effect) and with an absolutely minimalist design in its most classic version. Although today there are many different versions of this bag model: in trendy colors and with current details. You can use it with any combination. Also, in your day to day with a casual outfit. It is such a perfect bag that you can put your laptop, a loaf of bread or a bouquet of flowers.

4. Travel bag
Without a doubt, traveling is part of our life. And, of course, brands know it. Practically all of them include in their collections the models of travel bags (travel tote bag). There are even bags for the weekend. Nowadays we travel a lot, that’s why a travel tote bag cannot be missing in our wardrobe. It is a very comfortable and practical bag for short trips.

5. Clutch
clutch is a small, solid, soft leather or structured design bag. It is usually carried in the hand or under the arm, although almost all models already come with the strap. Keep in mind that it is a bag for events and meetings. Light colors are recommended for the day and darker tones for the night. At night you can have it as a cocktail, dinner or any activity after 19:30

6. Raffia

Bag Without a doubt, it is an essential bag for summer picnics, the beach, vacations and to go to the flower and fruit market. By the way, the purpose of these bags is not just to take them to the beach. They are also very current in the city. And this summer season we are going to see it very often. Designers offer a variety of straw bag models that go perfectly with different styles and are current at different times of the year.

7. Backpacks
These spacious and comfortable ‘friends’ of every woman have long since ceased to be associated with sports style. The backpack is and will continue to be a great trend in the coming seasons. You can take it to the gym, to the mountains, walk around town and work. Of course, the variety of models and designs allows you to choose the right backpack for each occasion. Original models are worn, with unusual patterns, decorated with leather and in full color. There are also more elegant models. Of course, there is something for all tastes, pockets and situations.


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