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You can openly say that autumn has arrived when the first fallen leaves begin to create a colorful carpet on the ground and when the first storms of the season hit. And both things are true today. This week we were able to enjoy those wonderful evenings of Netflix and chill under the soundtrack of the rain behind the windows.

Now the real fall fun begins. The one to watch spooky movies on the couch, jump in puddles and make piles of dried leaves to hear their crunch. And we don’t want to miss any of that, of course.

For me, you already know that one more part of the autumn charm is the fashion of this time. And there is a garment that I love for this moment and that I had never told you about: the peplum shirt. In the preppy style, it is usually combined a lot in early autumn for its practicality and aesthetics, and finally we have a low-cost model very accessible for everyone. I’m talking about this Stradivarius peplum shirt that is perfect to wear this season. Simple, comfortable, it looks great and cheap. What more can we ask for?

I’ve mentioned many times that one of the things I like most about the preppy style is that it is practical. While following trends can lead to discomfort because, for example, a lingerie dress in the middle of January is not exactly the warmest thing, that happens very little here. Normally, in winter we wear boots, huge scarves, warm jackets … And that’s the same for comfort.

That is why many times only one shirt can become the central axis of a set. They are comfortable, they are useful and they are very beautiful. In this case, it is a shirt with peplum, which, for those who do not know the term, refers to the lower ruffles. Normally, I would not use this type of garment, since its function is to add volume and I already have enough volume on the hips (these garments benefit the straighter and / or thinner figures), but I cannot resist and it gives me exactly same.

This garment can be easily obtained, since it is found in Stradivarius and has a very affordable price. I think I remember that it comes in 4 colors, but ocher is the one that seems most appropriate for the season. If I have to put a but it is the fabric, which is not the typical cotton shirt, but if that does not matter to you in this case then there is no problem. It is true that this store is more aimed at teens than anything else, but it must be recognized that it has a good pool of basics at a good price.

As I already mentioned, this week the rains started. In Salamanca it had been raining quite a bit for a few months, so it is a joy for the fields. Also, for me, by the way, because I love the moment of being able to put on my water boots again and run to jump in the puddles, which is basically what I did on the day of these photos.

Like so many other lovers of this climate, I am a rain fan. I find happiness in rains and storms. I know that for many it is a bummer, but I love the sound, the smell and the color of the landscape.

I have the feeling, on the other hand, that this fall has come in colder than in previous years. It may be just a feeling of mine for having been working in open spaces since 9:00 in the morning and having sucked colder than I do not know, but I think that in other years we have had what has been baptized as “veroño” and we have been having heat in October. This year in mid-September I already started to wrap myself up to my ears.

But this doesn’t bother me. It only bothered me when I worked in the parks with the activities of the Department of the Elderly because there was no coat to console me, but now that we no longer have those activities and that I can spend the mornings under a blanket and indoors, well not anymore.


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