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Long hair provides endless possibilities when it comes to hairstyles. There are those styles that are completely collected, which although they are elegant, can be simple and serious for some. There is an alternative that is presented in hairstyles with loose hair.

These are characterized by being more casual, original and versatile. They are capable of being used in a variety of occasions: weddings, baptisms, special dinners, casual outings on weekends or parties. Here are some ideas.

1.- Braids with bandana

This is a bit of a casual idea. It is perfect for an outing with friends. You are going to start by making two ponytails on each side of your head. These should not be too thick. Then you are going to make a braid with each tail.

Then you will roll each tail and fasten them with the help of some hooks, as shown in the video. Finally, you are going to put on the bandana of your choice and you are going to tie a knot on your forehead and loosen your hair. Nice and simple.

2.- Fine braids in front

An extremely simple style if you don’t like to complicate yourself too much or if you have a very hectic routine that makes it difficult for you to spend a lot of time combing your hair. You are simply going to take 3 thin front strands from one side and start braiding. You will end up using a rubber band or a hook to secure the braid. You will do the same on the other side.

3.- Small collected with clasps

A proposal capable of becoming an elegant style for a special occasion or something more informal. It all depends on the brooches you use, since they are what define the style of this hairstyle.

To start, take two front strands of your hair and place them behind your head. To hold them, you are going to use several clips around the strands, as the image shows. If you want to get the look in the picture, you should get some small sparkling stone brooches and some with bright colored stones.

4.- Brooches only on the sides

We present you a classic and sophisticated style. For this, you have to comb the hair so that one side is separated and there we are going to start arranging the clips, along the entire length of the side. The video features a beautiful combination of pearls and transparent sparkling stones.

5.- Detail with bow

The excellent thing about hairstyles with loose hair is that you can use different types of accessories, such as bows, which are the favorites of girls and some teenagers. To have this style, you are going to choose two side strands and when arranging them back, you are going to place the bow. This should have a hook to hold your hair.

6.- Subtle picked up with a scarf

This is a bit similar to the other updos that we have been learning but this time we are going to take the front and side, putting it back. Next, we are going to fix this by making a knot with a scarf of our preference.

The rest of the hair is loose. This type of hairstyle stylizes your features and is quite comfortable since you will not have hair on your face bothering you and dirtying your face, which can be responsible, in part, for acne. So, go ahead and try this proposal.

7.- Transformable braid

To wear this variant, you are going to make a small ponytail with hair from your sides. As a next step, you are going to cut the ponytail in half and make a braid as shown in the image. Soon, you roll the braid and fix it with small clips.

8.- Beautiful braiding

A beautiful hairstyle that looks good on any occasion. As we have been practicing, make a small tail of hair at the back of your head and slightly loosen the hair at the top.

Next, we proceed with the elaboration of two braids on the sides of your hair, to which we are also going to loosen the hair a little. Then we join both braids in the shape of a cross and hide the final parts with the help of a small brooch.
9.- A different side braid with snaps

If traditional braiding is boring you, this is for you. First of all, take two thin strands and make a small side ponytail out of them. Then you will do the same with two other strands and thus you will continue repeating the pattern, until you have created four pigtails. Finally, you are going to decorate with the brooches of your choice.

10.- Braids and daisies

A summer option and adaptable to girls if you have at home. To start, you are going to make a braid on one side of your hair and this will be joined with a lock of your other side, making a peculiar ponytail.

As the next step, you are going to repeat the same thing but making two braids a little lower and joining them from behind. As a final touch, you decorate each ponytail with daisy clips or those of your choice.

11.- Hairstyle with headband

Headbands or headbands are a fashionable and easy alternative to styling your hair as it helps keep it in place and away from your face. In addition, today there are headbands of the most varied styles: casual, hippies, sober, refined and extravagant, like the one shown in the image.

12.- Make your hair shine with headdresses

If you don’t mind having your hair completely down, headdresses are your ideal accessory since they only serve to decorate your hair in a very elegant and majestic way. There are multiple designs.

13.- Ornamentation with pins

This is an idea with which the girls will be very excited because to decorate the hair, we began to have various clips of different colors and shapes. These shapes consist of butterflies, dragonflies, stars, hearts, and stop counting.


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