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One of the trends that is giving a lot to talk about are braids, since apart from being cool and comfortable makes you look radiant and highlights your beauty.

Until a few years ago, braids could not be considered to be part of a gala outfit, but currently we see how this trend has gained strength, they are becoming very present on red carpets, this makes us think that they will stay for a long time.

Whether for a formal event or for a casual day in the city, braids never fail to create an enviable outfit. Below I show you some types of braids that you can use at different times and will make you look great.

1. Boxer braids

Very comfortable braid style. Hair is usually divided into two, left and right; and on each side a braid is made starting from the headband of the hair towards the back. These are perfect for exercising, as they provide freshness and ease of movement. Depending on how tight they are is how long they can last. You can add extensions to make them bigger and more abundant.

2.Trenzas African

Perfect for a radical style change; These braids are done one by one and hair extensions are usually used. It is possible that the extensions are in fantasy or natural colors, sometimes you can find options where instead of synthetic hair they use yarn. You will only have to bear in mind that they will not last the same time since the material is not that resistant. For this hairstyle it is advisable to use dry shampoo so as not to have to wash it every day and thus be able to preserve the shape, you will also not mistreat your natural hair.

3.  Headband braids

They generate freshness and comfort, since due to the way they are made, they prevent unbraided hair from coming to the front and getting in the way. This type of hairstyles is possible to use in a daily day, but also if you complement it with a headdress it will serve you for a special event. This headband can be worn by any woman of any age, but we usually see them in girls, since they make, they look combed and it is not uncomfortable for them when playing and running.

4. French braid

These are one of the easiest braids to do and learn.

In general, it is one of the first you learn to do it, since it is so easy that you can do it at any time without the need for a mirror. It is just a matter of a lot of patience and practice. It is just a braid with all your hair and it starts from the hair band, this is where your forehead ends and your hair begins. Take a piece of hair from the middle and divide it into three, with how you are braiding you take more hair from your sides, like this until you complete the entire head. This is the basic way to create a French braid, there are many more you just need to practice and let your imagination fly.

5. High braid

Perfect to look radiant at an event. Several celebrities throughout the year have taken this type of braids to the red carpets or social networks. Apart from the freshness it provides, it gives a vision that generates finesse to the face and length to the neck. A high ponytail is made and from that a braid is made, you can put headdresses to make them look even better.

Now that you have several ideas on how to make your next hairstyle with braids, remember to share photos of your creations with these ideas.


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