How to choose the best fashionable jeans if you are curvy

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Without a doubt, jeans are our favorite garments: they make us look good, they are comfortable, versatile, we can combine them with tennis shoes, boots or heels and have the right outfit for the occasion; For this and more, they are a must in every girl’s closet. However, for curvy women it can be a bit tricky to choose trendy jeans.

Well, we have to keep big legs, wide hips and a bulky butt.
Today we will tell you how to choose your next pair of jeans, so that you get the most out of your figure:


Choose high-waisted jeans

If you’re curvy , high-rise jeans will frame your silhouette by cinching your waist, flattening your abdomen, and hiding the chubby ones on your lower back; In addition, this cut gives a very nice shape to the female butt and stylizes the figure; In addition, you can find it in a skinny or boot cut so that you have the comfort you need in your legs.

Go back to the 70’s and wear flared jeans

The bell-bottom cut of the jeans has never completely gone out of style, and they are highly recommended for your wardrobe because they will balance your hips with your lower body, and this is recommended if your legs do not have so much volume.

Wear cropped flared jeans

A combination of the two previous models, the cropped flared are high-waisted, but reveal the ankles and end with a bell shape, they are jeans that are fashionable, they favor a curvy figure and are fresh to wear in the summer. Since the focus is on the lower part of the legs, so you can create an hourglass figure, even if you opt for tennis shoes and a T-shirt for a casual outfit.

You cannot miss several pairs of curvy jeans in your closet

If you have a curvy body, it is time for you to acquire several curvy jeans to combine with your favorite blouses, highlight your figure to the maximum and look beautiful with pants specially designed to highlight the hips and legs. You will find them in a straight or skinny cut so that you can combine them with your favorite shoes.
Always remember to choose the correct size of your jeans so that you are comfortable and you can wear them without sticking out chubby; Combine your favorite pants with printed, embroidered shirts, sweaters or blouses and create different styles to go to school or work and show off your curves.


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