How to combine knitwear this winter

As are fashionable comfortable clothes and comfythis winter we will see many garments knitted in stores. The typical jacket that your mother used to wear as a child is now more trend than ever, and it is that in fashion, everything returns. Today we see the different possibilities that this fabric has and how to combine it.

1. Jacket

We already said it before, cardigans are a must this season and we are going to see them in a lot of stores. You can wear it fastened, without fastening or even crossed to give it more style.

2. Vests

Another key trend this winter: knitted vests. They look great paired with a white shirt underneath, or even a thin turtleneck if it’s colder. There are many varieties: knitted, printed, plain, etc.

3. Pants

And yes, it seems incredible, but knitted pants are also in fashion and they are very comfortable! You can either combine them with a basic sweater above, or dare to wear the total knitted look and put a vest or jacket like the ones seen above.

4. Set of jackets + top

And finally, the jacket sets to match the top. You are going to see it in a lot of stores and perhaps they remember those outfits that our mothers used to wear when we were little, but the truth is that they look very good and give a lot of style at the same time as being warm.

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