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Sometimes the process of creating an outfit is a bit more complicated because there is something that still does not fill your eye. For a couple of years, a trend has been created that makes this process even easier. This trend is the use of outfits with belts; which is the perfect companion for some garments that years ago you never thought could be used together.

The advantage of this trend is that apart from giving it a sophisticated touch it makes you feel safe and comfortable; to continue to guide you to success day by day.

Here I show you some ideas about clothes with which you can accompany them with a belt and will make everyone envy your outfits.

1. Trousers

Perfect to feel comfortable but at the same time give it a touch of style and security. In 2000, the use of colored belts became a trend; This trend came back only now it does not play so much with the tones but with the buckles; which are slightly large but very thin and not at all flashy. You can wear this outfit on a casual day

2. Dress

A trend that has been maintained over the years, a comfortable outfit and above all it highlights your beauty.  The belt on the dresses makes the body shape slimmer and look slimmer and taller. I recommend that when trying to recreate this outfit, you use a dress slightly longer than normal, because when using the belt, it can look shorter.

3. XL sweater

If you thought sweaters were boring; now you will change your opinion. This proposal makes you take a risk with XL dresses, which are very wide and long. By integrating the belt, an hourglass figure is created and makes you look slimmer and with an enviable figure; without forgetting how comfortable they are and you will not be cold at all.

4. Midi skirt

This garment is revolutionizing the world of fashion, because they are elegant, comfortable and there are many styles. But despite the fact that it is the biggest trend of the moment, you cannot miss the opportunity to add the right accessories and the person who imposes fashion within your circle of friends. To achieve this, try adding a belt to this type of skirt using the blouse on the inside, this will give a more stylized and high vision.

5. Blazer

We never thought that a blazer and a belt could look so good together; but achieving the unimaginable these two garments highlight your beauty instantly. It is a very comfortable outfit, but it is also classic; You can use it in any event and you will be the envy of anyone.


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