Latest trends in manicure for fall-winter

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Autumn is coming and this not only indicates that you need a change of wardrobe; also, of new designs, techniques and colors for your nails. This season bet on these tones that will be a trend; oranges, greens, pastel pinks, purples, yellows, blue in its darkest range, earth tones and red tones.

In addition to being timeless colors, they are going strong and will be the most demanded in conjunction with nail effects. Get ready because I have the best proposals that will be a must to achieve perfect nails this season.

1. Marble nails

There is no more balanced and clean design. Despite being striking, it does not leave elegance aside and if you know how to choose well, they are very easy to wear with thousands of outfits; For this technique, I recommend choosing two colored enamels that complement each other. You can also bet on neutral tones and if you want to add more color add details in gold, they will look perfect for this autumn-winter season!

2. Triangular French

Simple but stylish; Surely you have already seen them on all social networks. This design creates a very interesting visual effect and you can wear them in any season of the year. The color you choose is what will make it adapt to the season, the fantastic thing is that there are no rules or limits so they are perfect for everyone! You choose the shape that suits you best from oval, square or stiletto; in addition to how long you want them. If you are one of those who prefer short styles you can also use them and they will look lovely.

3 points

If you refuse to go out of the nude tonesyou will love this trend. Sometimes the simple can also be quite interesting if the right elements are placed. Is it hard for you to find a design that can be adapted and combined with all your outfits? These designs are the solution because you can take them with absolutely everything, yay! Besides that, it will give it a more interesting twist without forgetting the colors within the nude range.

4. Animal print

They clearly couldn’t be missing; but this time we will see many more patterns than we were used to. You can apply it on all your nails or just choose one or two as the protagonists. Even combining different colors that have nothing to do with the original design is allowed; there are no rules for this trend. Ready to create unique designs?

5. Half moon

Inspired by the classic French manicure; this design is renewed and is a safe bet for fall. They also have a great benefit because you can make them with gelish and you will not have to worry if they grow quickly.  The round trip is the favorite to achieve this effect but you can combine it with various elements and colors; You can even choose to paint them negatively or asymmetrically; you will make them more fun and unique

6. Astral nails

Your sign, the moon and the stars will be reflected on your nails until the end of 2020; with this infinity of designs that exist. I will leave you some images that you will surely fall in love with more than one of them.


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