Leaves and stripes

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The striped dresses I always enjoy, but it is true that usually leave sections as the summer just because they remind me of the sea and vacations. But I have found that they are also ideal for autumn.

Now that the intense cold has not yet arrived, we can still take the opportunity to wear less thick garments, so I am going to hold on to this beautiful dress.

If not, I don’t know what you are waiting for) and we took the opportunity to take a walk beforehand and cover ourselves in the fallen leaves. It seemed like a perfect occasion to put on one of my new IDC Institute masks in the shape of a kitten, so yes, I made all my outfit to match it. The new normal, friends.

By the way, I take this opportunity to encourage you to visit Luna Gatuna. It is a sanctuary for cats in Salamanca where you can spend the afternoon playing with kittens. Before you could also have a coffee and play board games, but a global pandemic. The point is that they do a very important job rescuing and caring for kittens for adoption, and they always do well with a little extra help.

This is a casual and comfortable outfit. It couldn’t be any other way because we were going to wallow with kittens, literally. It is a good way to combine a black striped dress in a practical and totally wearable way. I don’t often wear denim jackets because they are so simple for me, but they sometimes seem like the ideal outerwear garment thanks to their lightness.

I feel like I’m going to spend half a year saying this, but the dress is part of my collaboration with the Dressily online store. The best of all is that another batch of articles is on the way that I will be showing you and that make me very excited. I wouldn’t want to repeat myself, but you know that Dressily never disappoints me and I like it because in its catalog I always end up finding surprising things that I wouldn’t find in another store.

I know that many people find it difficult to buy clothes online, but the measurements they show are totally reliable and I am the proof of it. The dress fits me like a glove and I haven’t had to fix anything.

The day of the photos we had a great time. We left home an hour before the appointment at Luna Gatuna to take advantage of the sunset light and we went to a park that seemed like an autumn paradise. The trees were yellowish yellow and the grass was covered with dry leaves like a carpet. We weren’t planning on taking a lot of photos, but we couldn’t for less.


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