Looks with classy and stylish midi skirt

Smash your looks with a midi skirt! Creating a classy look has never been so easy and more with the return of the best of the 50’s, the midi skirts, which are giving much to talk about for their revealing colors and their way of highlighting your beauty without needing many accessories. 

This type of skirt is characterized by having a specific length which goes below the knee without reaching the ankle and is often pleated, although there are different models. The range of colors is very wide since it covers from black, gray, metallic colors, pastel and every tone you can imagine; in the same way it integrates many patterns with which you can play.

This is a great option to create enviable outfits, which you can wear on any occasion, be it at work, on a girls’ night out, on a date or just for a walk around town.

I will show you different proposals for outfits in which you can be inspired and create your own.

1. Flowered outfit

Youthful and fresh, this type of outfit is perfect for a picnic, an outing with your friends or feeling comfortable and natural on any given day.
Accompany it with a blouse or if the day is not hot you can also accompany it with a loose sweater. Remember to add accessories such as small necklaces, glasses, bags and of course shoes such as boots or tennis shoes.

2. Electrifying outfit

With this style of skirt, you will be the envy of all, striking colors and that are often metallic. You can accompany them with solid color blouses and a preferably small bag. The shoes can be thin-heeled if it is a social event or white tennis if it is more casual.

3. Black outfit

It is a basic in your wardrobe that will make you look formal, stylish and always in trend; your best option for this season. Remember to accompany it with a basic blouse, a bag of the color you like best, high-heeled shoes or boots. It is also possible to wear it with sneakers for a more casual outfit and add a black jacket to achieve a rocker look.

4. Animal print outfit

This proposal came to enhance your creativity and so you risk playing with your entire wardrobe and creating stunning outfits.  This type of skirt can be accompanied by a basic blouse in the color that you like best; add a thick belt and a small bag preferably that hangs over the shoulder. To finish you can use short black boots or white sports shoes. This proposal is ideal for a casual and carefree day or for a date and reflect your essence.

5. Pastel outfit

This proposal is perfect for daytime events, it creates a feminine, fresh and glamorous look. It is advisable to accompany this type of skirt with light colored blouses or with a white blouse, this will make you stand out even more. The shoes can be thin heels the color of the skirt or a light color and accompany it with a small handbag or purse.

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