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There are many people who say they hate the cold season and the garment that stands out in every look is the coats; this happens every year as temperatures drop. The outer garments begin to dominate the streets, although the first weeks of the season leave you in that annoying dilemma in which in the mornings you shiver with cold and in the afternoons you die of heat; carrying a coat is the basic of the season.

Like every six months, the time has come to talk about the coat trends for this autumn-winter. What are they and how should they be worn? In this post I have the list of the proposals of coats that are already beginning to be seen from catwalks to street style.  You will love them!

1. Padded

Quilted coats shouldn’t be lacking in the coldest months of the year either, the trend of the moment dictates that the longer they are, the better! Padding makes a strong comeback in coats that incorporate a belt to define the waist and that will win over those girls looking for a comfortable piece for day-to-day wear. Bet on green and brown tones for this season.

2. Cape style

An indisputable trend of this season is the favorite coats of Queen Letizia which returns this year in its most stylish version and in different shades; from the most structured to the most classic. Whichever option best suits your style, one thing is clear; the cape is timeless and a perfect investment. There are countless versions! Add some tall boots and a matching bag.

3. Puffer jackets

These down type coats are not new for winter, but now they are stomped on! In a matter of taste, genres are broken and style has surrendered to puffer jackets, which are loaded with different shades, lengths and designs; from the most classic to the most extravagant. An advantage of these jackets is that they are super light and very warm. Check out these incredible looks, you’ll want one in your closet right now! They are perfect to complement your autumn – winter outfits. Add some favorite jeans and combat boots for a winning look.

4. Fake leather trench coat

Especially in its trench version, it is one of the strongest coat trends of 2020. Some fashion firms presented this sexy coat as a big star in their proposal of the season. If you’ve already started your Wishlist, add this faux fur coat in colors like; brown, gray, black, almond or orange, which will be the sensation of every wardrobe.

5. Teddy coat

This coat is undoubtedly in trend this winter 2020.  Its plush-type relief in addition to protecting you from the cold, becomes the special touch of any outfit; from complementing an incredible athleisure look to an excellent ally for working girls who seek to warm up and match most of their work outfits. You will not leave your teddy coat for a moment this cold season! I recommend you go for those in neutral colors or earth tones.

6. Checkered print

Yes, or yes, this print is always in this present every year; from pants, tweed sets and over shirts. Now it will invade your coats too! In addition to its more sober and classic gray versions to the most colorful ones, two of the trending tones for the year 2020 are red and emerald green; they stand as essential in checked garments. The formula is very simple, you can bet on basic garments in neutral colors underneath these striking checked coats, wearing the same tonal range or using other pieces from different squares to create a daring mix & match.


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