Minimalist Outfits for Summer

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The minimalist style is among the favorites to wear during the summer, with its monochrome colors and impeccable silhouettes it shows us that it is possible to wear an attractive, elegant and refined look without unnecessary details. It is exactly in this super beautiful trend where the saying ” less is more ” makes sense. Therefore, today we bring you the best minimalist outfits that you can easily wear in summer.

Although the designs are characterized by clean lines and simple shapes, this style is not really boring, lacking, bland or cheap, as some think. In reality, the minimalist models use high-quality materials and feature an avant-garde design. So, get ready to include some pieces in your closet and show off the best minimalist outfits this summer.

Minimalist outfit with Capri style jeans

As a base for our minimalist outfit, we’ll start with flared or Capri-style jeans (those whose length ranges from the ankle to mid-leg). Choose ones in black or denim.

Although, this simple piece will allow you to create many looks by combining them with different shirts and, when choosing your clothes, remember not to use more than two or three colors. We recommend accompanying it with a white, gray, brown, garnet or other pastel color that does not look bright.

Minimalist outfit with straight cut pants

You can also get a minimalist look by combining a simple shirt with straight-cut pants, these are key pieces in the style because they present clean lines with almost no details. Generally, the material used is usually textured (suede, fluid silk, satin, brocade or other fabric), and they predominate in stone, brown or black. However, for the summer, you can wear the straight cut pants in a dark neutral shade like green, blue, wine or purple.

Minimalist outfit with straight cut shorts

For summer, the minimalist style admits shorts or shorts. But we advise you to pay close attention to the length they are, since they would not be suitable if they are too short. You can also accompany this look with a simple shirt as in the previous cases, look for a soft color that you like and a folksy design that suits (plain or with buttons on the front).

Minimalist outfit with black dress for summer

The classic black dress is a key piece in any wardrobe, time of year or style. Therefore, in the summer you cannot miss one of the minimalist types. Normally, they have a simplistic but stylistic design, with a maxi, midi or just above the knee length, where the most prominent are the minute pleats.

As it is a single unicolor piece, you must accompany it with shoes that contrast. Although leather flat sandals (brown, white, beige or maroon) are the perfect choice for the look and the season, lately fashionistas have opted to wear sneakers and they look fantastic! So, keep that in mind.

Minimalist outfit with dress for summer

An iconic fashion piece that you cannot miss in your wardrobe during the summer is the dress. If you want to achieve a minimalist style, choose a model whose cut moderately emphasizes those parts of the body that favor you the most .

Regarding the decoration, these designs do not usually abound or fit noisy elements such as ruffles, pockets, embroidery or bright prints; actually, they are simply decorated by texture, color, silhouette ( straight cut , fitted, A-line or balloon skirt) and fabric.

Minimalist outfit with one piece for summer

Because they present a perfect silhouette, in current fashion, onesies are key pieces to achieve a good minimalist summer outfit. Generally, these designs don’t feature any extravagant and unnecessary embellishment either, just a plain straight cut (and even some without pleats).

Although magenta, white, gray, dark blue or other shades are allowed; black is still the favorite of many women. For a cool, laid-back, chic, and super minimal look, go for a wool, suede, or satin look (these look great!). Also, remember that the most important thing is that you like it and feel comfortable wearing it.

Shoes for a minimalist outfit in summer

The perfect footwear during the summer usually consists of a good pair of flat sandals or formal slippers without rhinestones, bows or studs. Since they must harmonize with the tones of the clothes, choose neutral colors such as brown, nude, beige, white or black. Any pastel shade is also allowed for the season.

Add a laconic, refined, stylistic touch to your look with one of the popular flats made of leather (or leather effect), velvety suede, or even go big with metallic color designs (a little shine is acceptable). Without a doubt, this piece plays a fundamental role in creating a minimalist style.

Accessories for a minimalist outfit in summer

Logically, the accessories must also follow the same minimalist style line. And since it’s summer, nothing looks better than a small tote (or soft strap) and a beautiful hat, so find the ones you like best, there are plenty of options available! As for the other accessories, accompany your looks with some fine bracelets and chains, simple watches, and discreet earrings or earrings.

The minimalist style is imposed with wonderful outfits for the summer, do not miss the opportunity to emphasize your beauty and natural charm with a chic and elegant touch. We hope that you have liked and inspired our ideas and tips. Dare to wear a minimalist style!


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