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The white color will always be a canvas ready to accept any type of decoration. And in beauty topics it has become fashionable to wear it in recent seasons. A perfect manicure will always make you look like a woman who spends time on her image.

Playing around with the different types of manicure styles will make your whole look different. From a decoration, striking effects, natural or with applications; they will be the ones that will dictate your personality in conjunction with your type of life.

This time I’m writing to let you know what is hitting hard and you can’t stay behind to look fabulous. I hope you are as in love as I am with the different white enamels that I will show you.

Nail shapes

It is important to choose a nail style that defines you, especially based on the length you like. If they are short, you can choose a square or almond-shaped tip. On the other hand, the coffin tip is perfect to wear them long.


This trend dictates a painted and trendy decoration. The different types will bring light to your hands and will be achieved with mirror nails, holograms and glitter. Play with the one you like the most!


My favorite style! If you like the flashy and outgoing, this decoration looks fabulous. It is ideal for when you leave your nails long or wear false nails. You can choose stones in small details or in everything. Combine different shades, styles and sizes of applications. Maybe you can dare to try some 3D figures.

Painted decoration

Combine your white nails with a painted decoration, ask your manicurist to show it off! You can combine the colors that you like the most; from graphics, significant symbols of the season, symmetrical lines or a design for your wedding. Here are some ideas.

Natural with white

This style in combination with the trend color is perfect for your manicure. Combine a natural color such as pink, nude or beige and play with fade effects or symmetrical decorations or the classic French.

White base

It looks wonderful when you wear a white base that adds an elegant and clean touch to your manicure. I invite you to dare to play and put a layer of color with a design on it. It can be a type of animal print, crackle or marble-effect design.

Experiment with your nails, on a smooth and subtle base but don’t be afraid to play with creative and bold colors. Do not miss this incredible trend. I wait for you in my next post, with more beauty tips, which I can share with you to be at the top of trends and fashion.


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