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It is nothing new that the vest is postulated as the essential garment of 2020, we saw it a little in summer but now in this autumn-winter season, you will not stop seeing it! If you still don’t have one in your wardrobe, run to make your Wishlist because with these outfits with vests you will be in love with this garment.

Do you know the term layering? It is about superimposing garments, as well as in jewelry on clothing it is also possible and let me tell you that the vest is a key garment to practice it. The find cartos or extra-long and its thousand and one million versions; plush, suit, high neck, V-neck, with closures, with buttons, neutral and colored. But the knitted ones are the most seen so far, especially on Instagram, they are the favorites!

The world of fashion is always full of alternatives and trends to wear any garment and adapt it to any style; now your question will be how can I combine it? It’s very simple, take a look at the following looks to get inspired

1.  Jeans

If there is one garment that we can always rely on season after season it is jeans, no matter the shape or color, this garment returns and reinvents itself all the time.  They are an excellent option to combine with a “V” knitted vest for a more casual outfit.

2. Long sleeve dresses

It is cold season but that does not mean that you should stop wearing your favorite dresses. An advantage that vests have is that they are very versatile that you could even find them long enough to use as dresses or you can also choose to create layering and place over your long-sleeved dress. Add some combat boots to complement your look, and voila! You will wear an outfit in total trend.

3. Oversized shirt

A vest woven p daub hounds tooth is the winning choice to wear with your oversize shirt in a neutral tone. It can also be perfect if you combine it with oversize shirts in designs with prints or stripes; Another option if you don’t have an XXL shirt is to use your boyfriend’s; It may sound weird but after trying it on you will never want to take it off.

4. Trousers

They are a good option to take to the office, even better if it is a tailored set but if not, don’t worry you can use pants that you have in your closet. If neutral colors are not your thing and you are looking for an outfit that will catch all eyes, go for the gingham version, wear it with loafers or heels.  The office will become your gateway!

5. Bermuda

That’s right, we thought it was a trend that had already ended but once again the street style showed us that these have not gone away and they returned to take this fall – winter 2020, the ones that we will see more will be skin effect but if you have some of the year past that they are from another textile. Don’t worry, use them and make the most of it! Because they will be worn even in the coldest winter times, so trends and coolhunters dictate. Do you dare to use them?
Dare to wear a printed vest! If you don’t want to risk a lot, you can start with neutral colors like white, black or beige. Do not forget the accessories, they are important if you want to lift your outfit.

Which one did you like the most? I agree that they all look beautiful but I prefer knitted ones. If you liked this post, do not forget to share on social networks and with your fashionista friend. See you in my next post!


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