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The time of year has come when temperatures drop and we must prepare our outfits. At the time of taking out our clothes we are already thinking with what shoes we are going to combine them.

You do not necessarily have to wear pants all the fall and winter season, another option to receive the cold is by wearing your favorite skirts. Do not worry because you will not suffer a little from the temperature, I assure you that from head to toe you will be protected.

In today’s post I will show you some combinations of skirts of different styles.  You will not need to keep this garment that you like so much in the closet, it will be ideal for the coming months. It is never too early to be ready and cautious.

You will love the combinations that I compiled especially for you.

With stockings

The stockings are a perfect complement with which you can show off your skirts; maintaining the seasonal style and protecting from low temperatures. You can choose from many designs, colors and textures, get ready with your own!


They must be your best friends for this season, combine your skirt with a short or midi. The camel color is a trend for winter or you can opt for something more classic like a black tone. Checkered prints and animal print are also a hit. Pick your favorite.


If you prefer to dress lighter and don’t like layers, an XXL or long-sleeved sweater will be the perfect combination for your winter outfit. Try to wear warm fabrics like heavy cotton, knits, or a jersey style. This style looks great with midi or knee-length skirts.


Two years ago, the fashion for skirt and blazer sets began. An outfit that looks incredible if you like to wear a more formal style. It is ideal for those women who have to work in offices or closed places. I recommend that you use trendy patterns and materials such as checks or tweed.

Don’t let the cold catch you off guard! Take advantage of this season and dress with your essence and style according to the weather.


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