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Do you have leggings and you still don’t know how to use them? Do not worry, here I will give you some ideas to be able to use each of your clothes and create enviable outfits, projecting your personality.

This garment has been used over the years as an auxiliary garment for when there is nothing else to wear. But we will change that, since it is a basic garment that manages to adapt to different situations and the only thing that is necessary is to let your imagination fly and capture your style in each of the outfits created.

Then I will give you some scenarios where you can use the Leggings and how to complement each.

1. For a walk around the city

A great option for the city; since they are comfortable but with the right accessories you can turn it into an enviable outfit. Without taking a long time to get ready, you can combine them with tennis or flat shoes. In autumn season they are perfect to add a sweatshirt or a jacket.

2. To go to work

Although many consider that this garment is very casual to be able to go to work; but this time we have it as a basic garment and salvation for those days where you want to feel comfortable, formal and youthful. Perfect to be combined with boots, ankle boots or high heels. You have to be very careful with the color and pattern of the leggings, as this will give you an indication of whether they are correct for the job.

3. To play sports

It is that crucial moment of the day where you disconnect in order to focus on yourself and give your full potential; releasing all pressures and creating an environment of happiness and harmony. Either to start the day or end it, but in the best way. For that moment one of the infallible options is to wear leggings, since being made of a fabric that stretches significantly and gives you the freedom to be able to execute each exercise correctly without limits or pretexts.  With the advantage that there are many patterns and models with which you can complement the sports outfit and be the envy of anyone.

4. For Party

Perfect for those events where you want to look stunning, be the envy of everything, but without putting your comfort at risk.  You can combine it with short or sequined blouses, accompany it with high heels and a bag or small purse. Do not forget to add a coat or a jacket very your style. Finish off the outfit with makeup using dark colors if the event is at night. Make sure the colors used flatter your skin tone.

Now that you have several ideas on how to wear your leggings, let your imagination fly and create your own outfits. Remember that you must project your freshness, your personality and of course feel comfortable at all times. Do not forget to share photos of your creations with this garment.


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