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Currently, we have a wide variety of accessories to complement our look. But there is one in particular that has become the favorite of many women: the classic scarf or bandana. At any time of year, this super simple piece can give your outfit an attractive and chic touch, especially if you wear it around your neck.

There are many options available with different lengths, types of fabric, and patterns. Although it is not new, this fashion has become a trend in recent years as it allows you to add a sophisticated and fresh air to your style. If you want to get a different and more attractive look, check out these incredible outfits with neckerchiefs. You will like them very much!

Casual outfit with neckerchief

We are going to start with a very casual outfit, it consists of a simple jeans or denim pants and a white t-shirt. By pairing this very basic outfit with a neckerchief, we add an eye-catching, stylistic touch. Generally, they are used in colors such as red, blue or black and with white details. You can add other accessories such as a small bag, a watch, or sunglasses.

Outfit with denim and colored scarf on the neck

The combination of a white blouse with pants and a denim jacket is perfect, especially if you add a scarf with a simple print or pattern. The key is to choose a design with bright colors that stand out from the other pieces. For a more stylish effect, you can complement your look with a bag and sunglasses. Also, if you want, change the denim for another type of neutral-colored fabric that you like in a two-piece suit.

Superchip outfit with long neck scarf

Now we move on to a chicer and more youthful casual outfit in pastel tones, accompany a striking fabric pants with a simple blouse and a long scarf with a matching floral print. This risky look is perfect for the day because it promises to steal everyone’s eye. Normally, long scarves with soft patterns are elegant, refined and made of silk. Beautiful! Recreate a dreamy and fresh look without much effort.

Formal outfit with long neck scarf

The perfect complement to an office outfit is the neck scarf, you can wear it tied like a tie or with a simple bow knot. However, for formal suits of two or three pieces, we recommend using the silk, long and solid models. This look always seeks to convey elegance and neatness, so choose understated colors that are suitable for work.

Minimalist outfit with animal print scarf on the neck

Animal print scarves are perfect for minimalist outfits. Choose an outfit in a neutral color and let the scarf take all the attention. Now, the long and thick will depend on your tastes, there are short models that provide a sufficiently dramatic effect and with them enough and more. You can also accompany the look with various metallic accessories such as earrings or bracelets.

Urban outfit with neckerchief

Black leather mini skirt with white blouse and sneakers is a classic in urban style. Accompanying this outfit with a scarf on the neck is ideal. Choose a long model, with strong patterns and colors, with which you can tie a super striking knot. In addition, it would not be bad to add a raincoat or coat that gives a chic effect to the look. If you’re even bolder, pair it with a tote bag and some bangles.

Boho outfit with scarf on the neck

The boho or bohemian style is renewed every season. To get a hippie outfit with a chic and sophisticated touch, nothing better than flared denim pants, a leather jacket with loose fringes and a brightly colored scarf. Striped, flower and circle prints are a trend in these models. This look would also be great if you add the classic circular indie glasses and a pair of tall platforms.

Elegant outfit with neck scarf

Now we find a more elaborate and sophisticated outfit, the combination of a simple print silk scarf with an elegant three-piece suit. There is no doubt that this look is impressive, with so many garments in play it seems difficult to get attention to focus on the neck. But it is not, if you use the right colors and a blouse with the right cut, you can easily make the pretty scarf look and stand out.

Outfit in neutral colors with a red scarf on the neck

If you want to wear a simple red scarf with a knot at the neck, but in a more formal look, we recommend playing with these three neutral colors (black, gray and white) in these three garments (pants, shirt and coat). Without a doubt, whatever combination you choose, the red scarf will stand out. This outfit is ideal for going to work or going out with friends in cool seasons.

Outfit with scarf and collar on the neck

Believe it or not, in urban and casual style it is very common to accompany pattern scarves with a necklace. The composition of both pieces looks great on a base of neutral colors, since the attention is usually directed to the design of the necklace and the contrast that it has with the pattern and the colors of the scarf.

One of the advantages of scarves is that you can combine them in different outfits, whether to go to work or to go out with friends, this piece allows you to try different styles and play with patterns.

What do you think of this new trend? We hope you liked and inspired our ideas for outfits with neckerchiefs. Remember that this accessory will be the perfect complement at any time of the year.


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