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Comfort when dressing is a fundamental part of being able to carry out all your activities. The outfit we choose depends on the place we attend or the activity we do.

There are basic garments that can never be missing from your wardrobe, they are timeless and complement any look. But what happens when we look into the closet? We see that we have clothes which we can combine with another in a simple way without sacrificing fashion and also looking different. This is achieved by having a balance in colors, cuts and styles. A garment that is used a lot for day to day looks is the shirt dress;

We can use this type of clothing for any occasion, without looking out of fashion! And it will also serve as a basic as long as you know how to choose it.

In this post I will show your ideas on how to wear it, do you dare to try it on your outfit?


For all types of tastes and bodies, you can create a perfect casual look for any day. You can combine them with different accessories and give it the perfect touch to look beautiful and fashionable. The buttons that go to the front should be in proportion to your measurements.


These styles of dresses are below the knee and go very well for an office or formal look. You don’t have to look stiff or bored to go to work, on the contrary you will bring out the feminine and powerful part that you carry inside. Combine it with a pair of heels and take advantage of the accessories. You will love these ideas!


Dare to wear an elegant shirt-style dress at the next party or wedding. Ideally, it should be long to give it presence. The textiles will depend on the time of the event; Wear sheer fabrics for hot days and outdoor gatherings. For the night I recommend that they be rigid, shiny and smooth fabrics that will be the center of attention of your outfit.

After looking at these outfit options, give yourself the opportunity to experiment and create combinations of any style. Do not stay out of fashion and highlight your beauty like the experts on the red carpet.


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