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Dresses are generally considered to only be worn in spring or summer, but no one tells us all the benefits of wearing them in cold weather. Winter is my favorite season and dresses are the garments that I use the most at this time.
Of course, our look will always depend on our daily activities and the place where we live. But if you are a great lover of this garment like I am or want to try it now that we are in this season, I recommend you start trying a look and little by little add new options to your wardrobe.

So, in this post I will tell you the tricks you should know to wear one during this time and that the weather is not an inconvenience to have your ideal outfit. I hope you are delighted with the combinations that I will show you below.
Dresses with coats
The city where I live is quite icy during the winter which led me to be practical in my closet and little by little and adding basics to use throughout the year. The long, short coats and even raincoats, have become my favorite for my outfits this season. They cover and protect from the weather; they also serve as an element to add formality to the look and you can make different combinations depending on the time of day that you are going to use it.

Long sleeve

Depending on how susceptible you are to low temperatures, you will need to protect yourself that your dress has long sleeves. L layers as clothes under your favorite outfit is a great success and allow you to use everything that fascinates you without sacrificing your look. Another tip I can give you is that before buying, look for basic garments in neutral colors and thick fabrics.


I present to you the best friend of your dress for this coming winter. The stockings are ideal for your outfit this season. You will see them everywhere and in different textiles, finishes and prints. They will give you an elegant feminine style and everyone will notice that you are someone who takes care of the details. You can experiment with thickness and even have fun with different colors.


It’s time of year to dust off your bootsCombine your favorite style with your dress and juga with textures of footwear. The materials are immense but suede above the knee should not be lacking this season. On the other hand, the leather ones look incredible and if they are high with heels, they are the best complement. For casual days, ankle boots will make you look super chic and comfortable.

There is no climate in which we cannot wear a dress, you just have to put them together with their best allies suitable for the season. I am sure you will look spectacular and you will not be a little cold.


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