Trends in beachwear

After spending cold winter days, the long-awaited vacations in warm destinations arrive. This year the preference is directed towards crochet and retro-style swimsuits. The fashion of the 70s and 90s have returned to figure. Learn about the most striking garments for this season in this article.

Garments that characterize beach fashion

The trend this year is marked by vibrant and striking colorsGarments such as flowy shirts or crochet swimsuits in neutral colors are part of the new trends. The truth is that there is a great variety of outfits that star this season. Where to find them? Koala Bay is one of the top sellers in beachwear fashion.


swimsuits Trendy swimsuits are high-waisted. This design was very popular in the 90s and is now back in fashion. Many lines and recognized brands of swimwear have opted for this design that favors and enhances any type of body.

The high-rise design is ideal for those who want to cover the midsection a bit. The styles of these swimsuits go retro with polka dot prints or the popular gingham plaids. Stripes are also the protagonists in this new style of swimsuits, recalling the best of the 70s.

The truth is that this trend is characterized by a variety of designs with different asymmetries and cuts. A striking example is full-body swimsuits made with openings that reveal the abdomen area.

Crochet fashion

Crochet invades beach fashion with various garments ranging from dresses, swimsuits, sarongs and more. Trend-setting crochet beach dresses come in neutral colors like beige, brown or white. Some of these dresses are thick fabric so you can even wear them to go out.

With respect to the swimsuits, they are usually two pieces and you can get them in a variety of colors, both neutral and warm. Combined with a hat or other accessories you will be able to go stunning.

Flowy shirts

Flowy shirts are part of the beach look that many want to wear on their next trip to the beach. They are mostly seen in soft colors like pink or light blue. The buttons featured on these shirts are taking fashion into a new trend where more is better. Accessories in gold add a touch of elegance to the look.

Ibizan Dresses

Ibiza white dresses never go out of style. It is a classic that is worth showing off and that will always make you look great. You can get them in different designs, with sleeves, sleeveless, V-neck or round. They are characterized by being casual so you can use them to attend a cocktail on the shore of the beach.

Flower dresses

They cannot be absent in the summer season; they are ideal to face the heat. The floral dresses of flared or pleated models will make you look sweet and fresh. The floral pattern may seem classic, but the reality is that it has set a trend this year.

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