Types of bodysuits for women: What style to use based on your body type?

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The bodysuit is a garment that over time has continued to be a trend, since its birth in the 90s, and has also shown great versatility since there are models for all tastes and needs. Both the main firms and designers, as well as some more modest brands, know that each woman is different in terms of tastes and body structure. That is why they have opted for the creation of different types of design for this garment. And there are currently all kinds of designs to meet different objectives depending on your style and the occasion so that you always go to the last.

For this reason, in this article we will show you the different types of bodysuits to help you choose the perfect design based on your body type.

Types of body for women the body is a very versatile, comfortable and functional type of garment. However, if the right model is not chosen, it can play against. That is why it is essential to select the type of design that best suits you and / or combines best with your style.

But in order to know which bodysuit will suit you best, first it is essential to know the different types and designs that exist so that you can make the best decision in each case.

The main types of bodysuits, according to the type of design, are the following:

Bodysuits with a V-
neckline Bodysuits with a closed neckline
bodysuits Low back
bodysuits Cross-style
bodysuits Sleeves
Off the shoulder or strapless
body’s Lace
body’s Tuxedo body’s
As you can see, there is a wide variety of models. They could be classified by filtering them according to the use or objective they will fulfill:

Indoor body’s: Their main function is to keep warm and provide comfort.
Outdoor bodysuits: their main function is to act as a shirt or top garment. Within this category, you could group, for example, party or night bodysuits.
Sexy body’s: their main function is to seduce and use them in privacy.
Sports body’s: as its name suggests, its main function is its use for sports.
Other possible classifications could be made according to the tissue.

What body to use depending on your body type? If you are one of those who still do not use a body because you have not just found yourself, do not worry, it is simply to find the right garment and the way to use or combine it in each case.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the bodysuit that best suits your body type, the following premise must be started. Find the balance between the upper and lower body, to visually form with the set of garments used for that look, a Lemniscate shape or figure in the shape of an “X” or hourglass. Logically, if you have a very balanced figure, you have the advantage of being able to use practically any style of body. Therefore, the following options are aimed at those cases that require the use of specific styles to hide their weaknesses and highlight their virtues.

What style of body to wear if you have a lot of chest? If you have a large chest, generally the ones that will most favor you are bodysuits with a “V” neckline as they mark and define very well, in addition to the chest, the torso and waist areas.

To achieve a balance between the upper and lower body, the ideal is to combine the bodysuit with wide-leg, boot-cut or flared pants. If you opt for the skirt option, our recommendation is that you opt for a skirt in the shape of a trapezoid or as it is called in fashion, an “A” line or bell-type skirt.

Avoid bodysuits with closed necklines and thick fabrics, since in both cases they generate the opposite effect.

What style of body to use if you have a little gut? If one of the most striking characteristics of your body is that your belly is a bit bulging, definitely the best option is to avoid designs that are close to the body. Our recommendation is the use of a body design that wraps around the waist and has some flight. For example, a wrap-around style draped bodysuit or with some gathers in the belly area. The ideal in this case would be the use of dark and solid colors, in addition to combining it with a wide jacket.

In this case, the most recommended option to combine the upper and lower zone in a balanced way would be the use of trapeze-shaped skirts or simple boot-cut pants. They will help divert attention from your midsection and help you look more stylized.

What style of bodysuit to wear if you have wide hips? Very wide hips are his characteristic quite striking. For this reason, we recommend opting for body’s that add volume to the shoulder area, such as body’s with puffy sleeves with ruffles or ruffles and off-the-shoulder models with colorful prints and designs.

In this case, type “A” or bell-type skirts are also the best combination, as are wide-leg or boyfriend pants, since they will not mark the hips as much and will help to slim the figure and achieve balance. between the upper and lower zone.

What style of body to use if you have broad shoulders? If, in your case, what stands out the most about you are wide shoulders or back, your best choice will be a sleeveless bodysuit with a “V” neckline. To keep the balance between zones, we recommend using flared jeans or a flared skirt with volume as a bottom garment. Avoid designs and models with very thin straps, with off the shoulders or strapless (strapless).

What style of body to use according to your height? The best option if you are short is to get a proportionate look. To do this, you can combine the bodysuit with ankle-length pants, a not very long oversize jacket and high heels.

If, on the other hand, you are a tall woman, look for a body made of an elastic material, since sometimes it is difficult to find a comfortable body since this garment does not have adjustable straps, so there are not many adjustment options. A good combination is to use this type of body with a blouse with central buttons and long sleeves in a single color on top for a professional style Combine a neat dress blouse with central buttons and long sleeves in a single color with a bodysuit as well. a single neutral color, such as black, white, or gray. Open up some of the buttons above and keep the top loose for a more casual look. Pair this look with cloth or dress pants for work, or with jeans to wear at home.

What style of body to use according to the thickness of your arms? The best way to hide thick arms is to use long-sleeved bodysuits in solid dark colors. Another option is to use a short-sleeved bodysuit and combine it with a jacket.

If, on the other hand, your arms are thin, you can bet on strapless bodysuits or strapless top-type bodysuits.

And now that you know what  types of bodysuits  there are and which one to choose according to your body type, you just have to find the most suitable one and enjoy all the advantages of this very practical garment. In Oldish you can find the style of body you need according to your body type, so that you can find the option that best suits you.


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