What are the best jewels for fall?

Unlike the rest of fashion accessories such as hats, gloves, handkerchiefs and scarves, more suitable for winter, jewelry is a complement that remains adjusted to our outfit season after season. The fall is no exception and renew each season its inventory of fashion jewelry so we can continue completing our looks easily.

On the contrary, if there is something in which a difference is noticed from autumn to autumn, it is in the evolution of the jewelry consumption model. If before we walked up and down, visiting jewelers and comparing what was the best option of jewelry for gifts or even for ourselves, today we have changed these walks to dedicate ourselves to searching and buying jewelry online, a modality that allows us to save time and money.

The best jewelry for fall in online jewelry catalogs.

They do not stop growing, online jewelry sales platforms are more numerous every day and offer more guarantees. My chick is an example of a platform specialized in jewelry that is characterized mainly by its continuous renewal and introduction of the latest fashion jewelry in the market, so if what we are looking for is to be fashionable this fall, we cannot stop looking for a look at its website, paying special attention to its news section.

The silver jewelry and gold are a constant in that fashion jewelry is concerned, because not only remain from season to season, but also use persists throughout the years. These materials never disappear from our sight, much less are they overshadowed by anyone else.

What we must bear in mind regarding this type of jewelry is that its use varies as the cold seasons arrive. In summer, it is common to wear more than one silver or gold jewel – or even to wear them combined. The jewels take on the role of highlighting our tan and they tend to be showy and protagonists.

However, autumn and winter ask for a different role for jewelry and that is, as our garments become thicker and showier, jewelry tends to reduce its size.

The minimalist accessories are perfect for these seasons and it is a luxury to have selections of mini jewels like we can find in My chick.

The choice is not only reduced to earrings or rings, where the offer is very wide, but it extends to all jewelry models, being especially complete and interesting in the selection of chokers. My chick offers a collection of fine necklaces with small beads, chocker style or with a short fall, which are perfect to wear over shirts or sweaters. Gold and silver are the star materials in this selection, but we can also find small details in colored pebbles.

the bracelets

by My chick, in addition to following this same trend and being combinable with chokers, they present much more varied beads, with shapes that imitate elements of nature or geometric finishes.

Finally, we must not forget about jewelry for fall events. For weddings and celebrations, My chick has a reminder jewelry section – with a customizable option – and alliances, perfect for all the celebrations that were postponed due to the pandemic.

If you are still not sure which jewels you should choose to complete your looks this season, take a look at the My chick website, without a doubt the catalogs are the best source of inspiration! If, in addition, you want to know these jewels more closely, through their Instagram You can participate in numerous discounts and raffles that will facilitate the first contact with your trusted jewelry website.

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